Welcome to my blog! My first name is Rafaela, and I am passionate about traveling and small adventures you find in the daily grind. This is a space where I document places we have traveled, and maybe a few recipe/diy items as well. This picture is from our Ireland trip last year Dublin Ireland and how we celebrated St. Patricks day-March 2016img_6890

It’s just me and my husband Philip in our small family but we really look forward to bringing a dog into the mix really soon. (fingers-crossed)35925_10201780076601402_632332064_n (1)           We have been married a little over 4 years and really love to spend time with our families and each other.14705748_10210826101466370_6386976475641394803_n

A few things about me; I really like to dabble in all kinds of projects and crafts, which leads to too many hobby lobby scraps and random pieces of crafting stuff. I am definitively dabbling in Minimalism and look forward to having better organization skills and less material things that take up time and money better spent on other things. img_0093 I am an adventure person and love hiking, in Ohio I don’t have any mountains to hike but I am discovering more places in central Ohio to hike and explore, metro parks and state parks have a lot to offer close by. I am always about the new big adventure and sometime I go a little crazy scheming about traveling, but I am just an average girl with a small budget, and a large bucket list.Friday Favorites. Five places I really want to visit within my lifetime.img_0069

This blog is a great platform to house and share all our favorite memories and experiences. Along the way I am so excited to meet new people and share a good story with all the folks who visit my blog.


Rafaela S.

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