Traveling back in time…

For my first trip blog post I want to write about one of our favorite places to visit… Colonial Williamsburg Virginia. We spent our honeymoon week there and have made it a point to visit anytime we are even close to the area.

Even though they get so many visitors daily, we always felt like it was an unhurried stroll into the past and a great chance to visit a slower time in history, the neat and tidy gardens and the cobblestone streets make it the perfect place to just walk around and take some fun pictures.

We only purchased the James town tour and the Yorktown village and battlefields. 

They offered a palace tour as well,but as we strolled through the historic governors palace grounds, it gave us a great sense of colonial life-people wearing period clothing helped too.img_0187

The best part about this area is if you love history and visiting actual places historic events took place, you can either take a guided tour or explore on your own,once you get into the sites there are so many plaques and signs that give you all the necessary information.

If you are near the governors palace, there are plenty of little shops and places to eat.         A few of our favorites are the Tea and Spice exchange of Williamsburg-this little shop has so much variety and it is a perfect spot to pick up a novelty spice or some loose leaf tea,we visit every time we are there. img_0195img_0198img_0199 Another place that I have tried and loved was right next door to the spice shop, Aromas coffeehouse bakeshop, the coffee and the breakfast was amazing and it is a busy place most mornings but the service was fast and the atmosphere was very homey.

If you are in the area long enough and want a fancier option for dinner, we have eaten at The Williamsburg lodge-very fancy and more expensive, but you get such great food and the atmosphere was so romantic. We also enjoyed eating at the Kings Arm Tavern-The food was great, the best part is the whole experience, your dinner is served by candle/kerosene-lamp lighting, and a few musicians stroll around and sing and play colonial era music-very romantic.

*TIP:if you are doing all the tours and attractions I would suggest wearing really comfy walking shoes, we walked a lot when we visited. Also I would bring a water bottle and maybe a jacket depending on the weather-some of the sites are near the water and can be a little breezy.

We are alway impressed by the historic sites and the upkeep and care of streets and buildings that are part of our history. If you get the chance to visit I highly recommend it!

As far as accommodations, the first time we went we used a timeshare and another time we stayed at a friends house, but the last time we used Hotwire (which we use a lot when we travel) I feel like the prices for a hotel are comparable to most tourist areas, we spent about $80-$90 per night the last time,we stayed one night, if it was going to be longer than that we would try and find cheaper options)

*Trick: Hotwire the hotel and make sure it has breakfast included(if it’s a hot breakfast even better) and I fill my coffee travel mug with coffee for the road. We try and save time in the morning by having a filling breakfast and coffee so we don’t have to be out and about hungry (in my case hangry ) anid we can focus on the fun things we want to see, most of the time we eat a snack-type lunch of granola bars or fruit and then just eat a good dinner somewhere local to where we are staying that night.

I hope this post wasn’t too long or all over the place, I am always looking to improve my writing style. Please leave a comment if you thought this was helpful and I hope to post more travel stories soon!!!




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