Friday 5. Five resources/items we use when we travel.

img_9498Happy Friday! We made it to the end of the work week and I am ready to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

I love the idea of a special post just for Friday, so I am starting our Friday Five.These are a few examples of things we do/use when we travel, I hope you find them helpful!

Disclaimer:  I am not a travel expert and not receiving any reimbursement or endorsement from any of these companies. these are my honest unbiased opinions.   

1.Google maps of course!

So many times we have tried to navigate without it, but let’s be real I don’t know north,south,east or west. On our long road trips we use google until we are on a stretch and then to conserve Data we turn our phone on airplane mode. We will turn it back on when we need to know where to turn. Most maps apps will keep a ghost of the map up and give you a basic idea of where your location is. We used offline navigation while in Ireland but more on that later…

2.Hot wire!

Now when we travel for long distances, we don’t book and plan the locations we have to reach by a certain date or time. We just have a set amount of time off and plan to spend a budgeted amount on accommodation per night.So while we are on the road and have seen what we wanted to that day we head towards the next destination and pick a stopping point, we then get on the Hot-wire website and book a room in that town. This won’t work for everyone but it really works for us.I want to write more about our search criteria and tricks in a later post…

3.The reviews of other travelers!!

Whenever we are on the road and are looking for a place to sleep or eat, we always look very closely at other travelers reviews and their satisfaction ratings. Now we understand that a lot of the time it is only the unhappy customers that leave reviews but it gives us resources to make our own decision, a lot of time we don’t even care about the items complained about…  example:pool/hot tub out-of-order. We try to read as many reviews as we need to make a general opinion about the quality of the place we want to try. We use reviews so much and make sure to leave a review when we feel like its necessary and never leave ranting-style reviews. I would suggest using reviews to help you decide on places to eat or sleep, just be aware that some places and experience will be great and others will be better left forgotten, at least until you can laugh about them later…

4.Our own entertainment! 

We do own a newer car and subscribe to the service called XM radio which lets us choose the station or genre of music! We listen to the classic radio channel and listening to stories and dramas really keeps you entertained. We have used this program instead of always searching for the areas local radio channels and let me tell you, listening to suspense and even mysteries can really make you want to go on a long drive… I realize not everyone can or wants to have this feature so I can share what we used for travel entertainment before we got our new car. We mostly relied on Books-on-CD from the library, radio programs and even books.We do have some limitations when it comes to books, I get carsick if I read in the car and the driver would get bored or worse sleepy without entertainment.

5.Cash back credit card! 

We love using our credit card on purchases that we can get 5% CASH back on! We always make sure that we have the money saved in the bank before we head on vacation or book anything, but paying with our credit card is easy and we just pay it off with the money we have saved! If you are already going to spend the money you may as well get something back, we like the tractability of a big credit card too.

So there are our Friday 5 favorites. I hope that some of these are helpful to you and if you liked this idea of a special post just for Friday, please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you ! Have a great weekend and come back and read more of our adventures!


Rafaela S.





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