Friday five-5 things I have been up to this week..

Hello it’s Friday again! These weeks are flying by and I can’t wait to share some of the things I’ve been up to this week.

  1. Meal prepping. My husband and I are really getting into meal prepping for our lunches, we love the easy convenience of a prepared lunch that we can just grab on the way out the door. We use storage containers that we got from amazon and they hold either a large salad or enough food to fill you up at lunchtime, a few favorites on the menu this week have been: steak and Mexican style rice.   Kielbasa and German potatoes hash.   Asian salad mix from Costco with some form of protein.  We prep these on Sundays and have the choice of which ones to take to work or school, a total time and money saver!img_1133
  2. Grocery haul+meal planning. this can go along with the first item but I am trying to focus on our at home meals too, we spend more money eating out if we aren’t prepared or excited about our options at home.I am excited to plan for healthy at home meals on a budget. I have been gaining inspiration from another blogger; Jessie from and her Instagram account: 15minutes_late. Jessie posts on Instagram her weekly haul from aldi’s and it is so great because she shows you the total amount she spent that week and she gives you a few of her meal ideas for the week too! I am a visual learner and I love seeing how others are being thrifty and budgeting their hard-earned money!img_2559
  3. Oil cleansing. I am one of those people who owns and try to use essential oils in about every area of my life! I know people are skeptical of all the claims that the oils make but I figure I might as well try a simpler alternative to sometimes harsh chemical cleaners/products. I have very recently tried to use them to cleanse my face, weird sounding I know, but I have noticed improvement on my own face since using this method. I have included a picture of the oils I use, the main idea is to rub a mix of oils onto your face (avoiding eyes) and after minutes of massaging you steam/wipe it off with a really warm/hot wash cloth. I have never felt my skin so soft and clean! I love it and plan to use this method for as long as I can.img_1090
  4. Spinning. This was one of the hardest workout classes I have ever tried! I am a member at a local gym and I have wanted to try this particular class for a while. I went in the first class and was really surprised at how friendly the other members were towards me and the whole class energy was upbeat and very driven. I lasted the whole class session and I felt like I did pretty good with all the moves and paces. I was very sore afterwards and might have climbed the stairs really slowly at first, but I can feel the muscles in my legs being challenged and I like the atmosphere of a group class. The picture below is from my personal Instagram, don’t mind my silly face!axay2288
  5. My perfect tea maker+loose leaf tea. these past few weeks have been gloomy and especially after I got home from work. I love making a fresh cup of tea and sitting on the couch to read or work on the blog. My mother in law has discovered a quality tea store in New York called the Good life tea store, you should check them out if you love a good loose leaf tea and good prices! my mother in law is wonderful and gifts us lots of loose leaf teas.  Some of my favorite flavors include ” heaven sent chai” and “Cream of earl grey” A hot cup or mug of tea can chase away a gloomy day!img_1109


So that is my Friday five and I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse into my week !  I am working on a special post for St. Patricks day and several local areas for people to visit !

until the next time


Rafaela S

5 thoughts on “Friday five-5 things I have been up to this week..

  1. Jessie @ The Acquired Sass says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Glad folks are getting some inspiration from my grocery posts because the Mr thinks I’m a TOTAL LUNATIC.


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