Château LaRoche-A knight’s tale….

One of the places we have visited since moving to central Ohio has been the Loveland castle in Loveland Ohio, this castle goes by the name Chateau LaRoche and was built by a gentleman named Sir Harry Andrews.

If you ever get the chance to visit this castle they explain the story of the castle and the knight that built it.This castle contains a round ceiling bedroom and a small dungeon. The best part is the history of the determined man behind the castle. we walked all around the upper story and even took a peek into the dungeon. some of the stairs are steep and made of stone so be very careful walking.  It was very fun to visit a castle so close to home. This is a self guided tour and the admission is $5 per person and children five and under are free.

this is a âââsmall-scale castle but sir Harry did reside here for some of the year. He modeled it after a château he spent time in during the World War 1, where he worked as a medic. Stone by stone he build this castle and he was frugal too. He used all the old milk cartons and tin cans to fill the bricks that he made himself. 13221749_10209438324772820_4902781241315848100_nVery resourceful! We loved walking around the gardens and outside walkways, it was like a stroll through a french castle garden, smaller scale but still impressive. img_7650img_7637img_7639img_7633img_7631img_7628img_7627throughout the castle there was elements of the knighthood that Sir Harry wanted to instill into the youth that he helped mentor. He really took a personal interest in bettering the future of many of the scouts/boys from his youth group/troop, he believed in a true code of conduct that was noble and just! It was so relaxing to stroll around the garden area and the little miami river is right infront off the castle.  I enjoy learning about this little gem and am planning on going back again.

This would be an awesome place to bring you family or  just come by yourself, we walked around for a good hour or so. If we had any little ones this would be a great place to come and get pictures !

We didn’t stay for very long but there was picnic tables and they encourage you to stay and enjoy the castle. I do know that there are no restrooms in the castle so they just have a portable toilet in one corner of the parking lot.

The only caution I would give for this visit was; make sure to drive a vehicle that can withstand a steep decline and incline! I am not kidding when I say this is a steep driveway and just use caution.

Have you ever been to a castle? 

Would you ever build your own house? 

What is the biggest project you’ve done or helped with.. like a barn or garden?img_7656enjoy the weekend! 


Rafaela S

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