A few ways we are making travel a reality as a couple in our 20s.

Welcome back!We are always looking for the next opportunity to travel and see new places; we love traveling in the states and abroad, unfortunately we don’t have an unlimited travel fund or months off from work, so we have learned a few good ways to still travel and do the not so fun things; like pay bills. These are just tips and tricks we have used during our road trips and our abroad trips. disclaimer: I am aware that all people can not live or save the way we do, I am just hoping to encourage people to really focus on ways to achieve more travel. img_0175

Book the flights early! now I understand that some people can’t do this,but for most of our big trips we have been able to plan ahead and make sure we are getting the best airline deal. We shop multiple sites and airlines to find the cheapest OR the most beneficially timed flights that will save us time and money. My head spins when we are comparing prices off of multiple sites but that’s the way my husband’s brain works best so he can flip flop tabs and still come up with the best deal, amazing I know ! We look for things like hidden fees for seats and luggage or like we did in our Ireland trip we flow on a bare-bones type of flight. We are interesting in getting the best VALUE for our money,as I am sure you do as well, and by shopping early you have a better chance of not rushing into a purchase. img_1569

Put your money where it matters! this doesn’t mean don’t pay your rent or the phone bill, it just means when we have the choice of several hundred Starbucks coffees here or a cafe experience in Vienna;we always want to choose the greatest adventure. It sounds so cliché but by choosing to go without now you will be able to enjoy what really makes you happy later on. For example; instead of gifts at Christmas,valentines,birthdays or anniversary, we put that money aside for a future trip, this builds up anticipation all year-long and honestly we don’t really miss the struggle of what to give as a gift. Having a trip to look forward to and save money for has changed our whole working/school lives, we save more, eat out less (generally) and it is so much fun to travel to places we both want to see, and know that you really worked and sacrificed for it.img_9897

Let people know that you want to travel! We always make sure we are actually going on a trip for sure before we spread the word. Once we are sure, we let a few close people know and talking about it really keeps our excitement going and you might be able to glean some advice from others that have been to the places you are going. Our family always knows we love to travel and that when a new year rolls around we are headed somewhere awesome!

Have travel goals in plain sight. Picture reminders,pinterest boards, Instagram following, all these things can be encouraging to you to save and make your travel dreams a reality. Even when  we have a place we want to go,sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and excited about your plans.For example:I am working on an extensive Europe trip and we are choosing to go for quality time over quantity of destinations, so spending more time at each place instead of rushing through to see more sites.I am struggling to be content with the places we can go and not feeling like we are missing out on even better places. I stay motivated by reading about traveling to our destinations and looking at unique things to do while we are there, and sometimes I go for a “Google map” drive just so I am more familiar with the area we are staying.img_1537

Have an adventurous attitude. I was so happy when we went to Ireland last year, I was beyond excited, but we have had several trips since then that were wonderful and closer to home. Part of the reason our road trips this summer and fall were so fun; we had an adventurous attitude and didn’t let minor things set us back. We took the experience of our other trips and used them to have a relaxing and productive vacation.Your attitude can make or break your trip,if you choose to enjoy your trip no matter what, you will have an awesome adventure no matter where you go or what you see. I try to be grateful and have no regrets.

I am sure these things are common sense, but I know that I love to get encouragement and inspiration from other people. I hope that you can travel and explore the great wide world, I know that we grow and gain a wealth of knowledge about the world and ourselves when we do.

Keep exploring your world and hope to see you back soon.


Rafaela S

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