FRIDAY FIVE!! 5 Reasons to visit your local parks this weekend.

Happy friday!! March is flying by already.This week I want to give you five reasons to visit your local parks. We live in central Ohio and they have so many local metro parks and nature preserves close by, some have natural waterfalls and really great trails. We love hiking and everything about being out in nature. Here are my five reasons to visit parks and nature trails this weekend.IMG_0369

  1. Its free! most of the metro parks and preserves are free to enter and have areas to have a picnic, and a few have really good bike trails. If you are looking for a safe and fun way to spend a weekend day this is our go to. In the fall we visited so many of our local parks and hiked as many trails as we could. Walking around and enjoying nature is also a great way to have good conversation with the people you are with, we love how relaxed we feel and the surrounding noises aren’t as disrupting as traffic and electronics. IMG_10582.Its Healthy! Fresh air and walking are two healthy things, you will walk more than you realize when your on an interesting walk or hike. We always want to go on as many trails that we can in one visit, we have walked many miles and the longer the trail the more you can see.

    3. You can learn so much about nature. I am spoiled since Philip is in natural resources and knows a lot about trees, when we go on hikes or walks, he is always able to teach me something new and interesting. I have learned to notice the differences in the trees and how to appreciate the tiniest details while enjoy the overall view. He can identify different trees and is slowly teaching me how to tell the difference too, I would suggest getting a Tree I.D book from the library or looking for resources online.

    4.You are utilizing natures stress relieving powers. Most of the time that we walk or hike we are trying to relax and de-stress, fresh air and the beauty of nature can take a stress load off of your mind. Maybe you have a loved one or friend you want to catch up with and you both are into walking or hiking, this could be a great way to connect and de-stress. If you have children, generally they can run and play in a free style that you couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to allow in a store or near a busy street; they can enjoy the freedom and learn about the natural world at the same time. Please be mindful of the rules of the park and the safety of your family. 

5. You are promoting natures conservation!  By frequenting parks and nature trails you are letting other people know about the local resources they have for family fun and recreation and potentially helping parks with funding. People will see your pictures or listen to your stories and maybe that will inspire them to be more active and start visiting their local parks. I know I said smaller parks are generally free and they are, but they receive funding and donations from people and companies interested in bettering communities. side note: parks are also funded by tax payers and levys are voted on at election time. 

Are there any local parks close to you? 

Do you ever hike on the weekends?

How many trees can you Identify ? 

Have a great weekend and go out and explore your local Parks!


Rafaela S


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