We Have A Plan, Even When We Don’t Have A Clue!

So this week I have tried to start several different blog posts, I wanted dazzling and helpful information to share with the world. I failed. But the struggle really got me thinking about what we are doing day-to-day and what we are doing until our next big trip. (disclaimer:this is just our story not a lifestyle suggestion or guide to life.)

We are in between big trips right now and I am sorry to report that we are pretty regular boring people, we work and do school and try not to be on our phones too much. I thought that I would share a little bit more about our lives that isn’t totally travel.We do have a plan, it might not be the original or even a close copy of anyone else’s, but we are happy just knowing that we have goals and a plan.  IMG_1058When we met in 2011, we both were in school and working, we really liked each other and dated until we got engaged in 2012.SONY DSCI graduated and started working at a local hospital as a phlebotomist, and Philip graduated and worked for a local rental company. We got married in June 2013 and started out on our adventurous life (sometimes), our honeymoon in Williamsburg VA, really started off our travels together.Traveling back in time…2013 06 16_0707


Getting settled into married life and dealing with long work hours for him, and lack of a full-time job for me, really left us searching for a different way.We needed a plan for our future, beyond paying the monthly rent check.IMG_1188

We finally sat down and formulated a plan, it was messy and really scary but hey most of the time adventures start out like that. We talked about going back to school,the who,what,when,where of our future. So we hatched our plan…

Step one. Move to a bigger city so I could work full-time, and Philip would have his pick of schools. Hold off on a house and children, maybe travel a little.

Step two. Philip graduates with a degree, we move somewhere awesome and buy a house+start having a family.We both wanted me to be a SAHM and potentially home school our children,live in the country and have at least one dog..On one income…

Step three. live happily ever after.

Hey it sounds cheesy but since we didn’t write down the exact plan we came up with, I had to summarize. You get the idea, we wanted to do things different in our present to help achieve our dreams in the future. It takes time and money to have a house and family, Can you do it without all the things we wanted to do first? yes you can, I know so many great people who are living their lives and enjoying them without having a college degree or high salary job or without owning a house, no way is better than another! we just wanted to do things different!IMG_6575

Now the things we didn’t factor into our plan was the time in-between; the things that we would want to do while waiting for school graduation, and while we don’t have a child,house,or a dog.

We really had no clue how to pull it all together, frankly we still don’t at times. Money of course is a factor and we have never lived a luxury lifestyle, but even then it can be almost impossible to save enough to travel, something needed to change.

The short story is: We moved to Columbus, lived in an apartment and worked hard at school and our jobs, we didn’t have the opportunity to save very much money and felt like we could spend our money more efficiently, if only we didn’t have to keep throwing money into a small apartment each month. We needed a newer car (mine was 25+years old) and we had wanted to travel as much as possible before settling down. These things led us to explore other living options and we made the decision to rent from a family member for an undetermined amount of time, while Philip was still in school full-time.

Moving into the same household as your family member,even with paying rent, isn’t an easy decisions to make, it’s humbling and a little nerve-wracking at first. plus you lose the freedom of your own kitchen space and it’s very different from being on your own. We have had nothing but good come from this move, I for one appreciate being near family and sharing a kitchen isn’t that hard once you get things figured out, this was a stretch that was good for me, I needed to learn the art of only buying the things we need and no extras. When I do get the kitchen to myself, I relish the space and it helps me look forwards to my own kitchen just a little bit more. We did buy a wonderful family car, it can hold up to two car seats for our future family and is so gas efficient, we have taken it on most of our road trips and it really is great to have a reliable car.IMG_4390

As soon as we felt like we could manage to save enough money, we tried to find ways to travel and see more of the world. Our first huge trip was to Ireland, you can read all about that here Dublin Ireland and how we celebrated St. Patricks day-March 2016           I think it was the October before our trip that we were talking about what we wanted for Christmas and all the other gift giving celebrations the next year. I said”lets take a trip instead of gifts” I was thinking small cruise or trip to Montreal. As Philip was researching pricing and dates, he nonchalantly stated “for these prices you may as well go to Dublin Ireland for a week” my ears heard the word Ireland and I was sold. I had never shared with Philip my desire to visit Ireland and how much it would mean to me to go there, and to this day I think he was joking about going. After that it was no question where we were going, spring break was the week and Dublin was the place,we booked flights and accommodations and I dreamed away.

This trip made all the saving and the waiting worth it, we had been saving for a long time. We found it easier to save and went out-to-eat less and had something exciting to look forward to. I realize that not everyone has family to rent from, or the chance to save towards travels, but we found that it was so beneficial for us, we did sacrifice some things but we are happy to do things differently so that we can travel. img_1312

By making such a drastic change in our location and our future plans, we really didn’t feel like our lives were in a rut, a vicious cycle of bills and work. Here are a few ways we are prioritizing travel during this time A few ways we are making travel a reality as a couple in our 20s. We don’t feel like we are better than anyone else, and we know that life can take so many different twists and turns, but I am so glad we have the choice to do things this way.

So here we are in the final year of Philip’s degree and planning on the what,when and where of our future again, this time we know that we are capable of so much more than we thought, and with our traveling shoes laced up and ready to go. img_9483

I really hope that this post wasn’t completely boring or pointless, I just wanted to clue you in to the crazy life we are leading.We have the support of an amazing family and they help make this “IN-BETWEEN” time so much fun and really enjoyable. Watching our family expanding through nieces,nephews and second-cousins has given us so much joy, and a few times we get to see what it could be like to have our own.

We are still working on our plan for the future and some days it seems like the end of school will never get here, but like most people we are realizing that time is flying and time will keep flying no matter what you are doing with it. We choice to keep on saving and traveling and hoping for the future ,that all started with a simple plan.

Do you have a plan for your life? 

Where would you travel to if you could pick any location?

Have you ever moved to further your future? 

Have a great rest of the week and hope you can stop by again soon!


Rafaela S.

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