Friday Favorite! One Year Later…

Happy Friday and happy St Patrick’s day! It has been a whole year since our short trip to Dublin Ireland. This was the trip that started it all,it showed us that traveling abroad was very possible and with some planning and determination you can too!img_1505Today I am just recapping some of the amazing things we saw while in Dublin and if you want to read the whole story  you can check it out here Dublin Ireland and how we celebrated St. Patricks day-March 2016.

  1. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  This was my favorite by far! I loved the stained glass windows and the peace and calm of the atmosphere. I have to admit that I wasn’t very knowledgeable about the history of this cathedral but they had so much signage and picture stories to help the visitors understand the building’s history and significance.This is a must visit when you go to Dublin.

    2. Trinity college Library. This is a must see as well. I suggest taking the Book of Kells tour and the library tour, they both are so interesting and unique experiences. Rows and rows of books and the arches are so symmetrical, it’s a breathtaking sightimg_65213.The small town of Malahide and the coastline. The small town we stayed near, had a beautiful castle and great places to eat. we loved driving along the coastline and taking in the rolling hills and greenery. We always want to go to places  that are off the beaten path,this was one of those places and we felt like we had a better trip because of it.

    4.The Guinness storehouse. Even if you don’t really drink beer, you have to go on this tour and sip a soda on the seventh floor bar. We liked learning about all the processing of Guinness and the history of Ireland’s famous Beer.

    5.The wonderful people we met. We met so many great people while on this trip. We felt like people were genuinely kind and friendly, we didn’t have any bad experiences with anyone. From bartenders to tour guides, they all helped enhance our experience. Our favorite phrase we heard was from the waiters/waitress, after bringing our food and drinks they would always say “cheers” instead of “have a good meal” or “enjoy” We thought that conveyed the message very well to enjoy our meal and it made it seem like a celebration.

Have a safe and happy Friday!


Rafaela S

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