FRIDAY FIVE! 5 ways to stop living for the weekend!

You know the drill, work all week, deal with all the stress, and feel all the feelings. This working cycle is exhausting and recently I have been trying to break free of wishing the week away.

  1. Plan something exciting that takes time to plan. We are planning a huge (for us) trip in May, and between the planning and the saving; time has been flying by so fast. I like to have a rewarding goal in sight to motivate me. I do realize that extensive planning has the potential to add stress to your week as well, so make sure you are making small attainable goals or tasks to complete instead of trying to do it all at once.
  2. Plan for at least one relaxing or fun activity during the week. My favorite relaxing treat during the week is a bubble bath, I like using a bath bomb when I have those. I would love to get all my chores done, groceries bought and some form of exercise done by the end of the day, but let’s be real, that rarely happens. A lot of the time I leave things for the weekend and then spend the whole time catching up, not spending it relaxing. If I have at least one thing to look forward to in the week it helps me stay on track without getting burned out.
  3. Have a specialty meal planned for dinner, or prep a really special lunch for work or home. This might sound lame or way too “adulting” but by planning for a special meal or a treat you are getting excited about something other than getting through the week. I have struggled with using food for a reward system and I understand it can be unhealthy (if you are always in “treat-yourself-mode” ) but if you have a favorite meal you can use as motivation, I think if you prep it at home you can make a healthier version if it’s something that isn’t typically healthy for you.
  4. Have manageable checklist for all your chores, daily, weekly and even monthly. I am really bad at making lists and sticking to them, I love the idea of checking off those little boxes or giving that task a big check mark √, but struggle to even know what to put on my list. I have found a great resource for my work week! I follow a blogger named Hannah and she is an inspiration to me. She is a wonderful wife and teacher and has so generously shared with us her wonderful resources for cleaning house. I like the way she arranges the tasks into doable chunks, and makes it so easy to clean your house with a little determination, time and a precise checklist! Head over to check out the resources and the giveaway she is having right now  I am using the 10 min bathroom checklist this weekend!
  5. Give yourself time to process. This one might seem a little far out there but please continue reading. I believe the more things I process throughout the week and the less I leave for the weekend, the less likely I will dread each day or spend the whole weekend complaining or letting the week sour my weekend. I am referring to processing emotions, actions of others, unpleasant conversations with customers or coworkers or even your spouse (yikes), and taking the strain off of your shoulders and out of your mind. A few way I process feelings is by talking to a friend, sharing emotions and yes even getting some good advice from a friend. Often I realize that maybe I’ve been unfair to someone or could have changed my response in some way, and I can take responsibility for my faults and move on. I hope that you can figure out a way to process your day, and not go into the weekend with a negative vibe. Maybe try some yoga or give yourself a break to just let all your negative thoughts out, I am sure you will feel much better.

That is what I have for my Friday five. I am hoping to have more travel style content very soon, but until than I want to keep building up our blog with useful tips and tricks I have put to use myself.  Have a great weekend!


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