Friday Favorites. Five places I really want to visit within my lifetime.

Happy Friday! Another week is gone and we are so happy that spring has sprung in Ohio. Now if only the temperature would get the memo, it’s around 45 degrees here.

We are fast approaching our May trip and I am in straight planning mode right now, mixed with a little freak out mode. All of the planning I am doing lately has got me thinking about other places we would like to visit or potentially live. I am not sure when or how we will travel to these destinations, but it is fun to dream about them.

When we decide to go on a new trip we always have to ask ourselves “The Question”

Where to next? 

So many times we have started to look for a nice resort style vacation and realized that we would rather spend that time and money on more historical adventures. Plus our beach bods are pretty much non-existent ha ha. Here are at least 5 places we really want to see in the future.

  1. Spain- not 100% sure where in Spain, but my roots are from there and I would love to trace my family heritage back to there, plus my name must be more common there.
  2. Alaska- We are hoping that Philip’s job might take us to Alaska to live at some point. I have researched places to explore and so many unique locations we could visit if we moved there, or if we go for a visit.
  3. Italy- I would love to explore the whole country of Italy, taste the food and drink from each area. I think my name is more common in Italy than here in the states, so maybe I could fit in just fine ha ha. Venice is one of the places high up on our Italy list- all the water and bright colored buildings, I would love to get “lost” in the culture and atmosphere.
  4. Thailand- We have talked about going to Thailand for a long time, I love the food and the culture is so interesting. I have heard that your dollar can go a lot farther there too. We would probably stay out in the park areas as much as possible and tour the miles of beaches.
  5. Scotland- Originally I was trying to swing through Scotland on our May trip, but quickly realized that we would want more time to spend in each place, instead of just passing through them. I would like to spend days out exploring the highlands and learning more about Scotland rich history.


In reality I would love to see most of the world, but there are a few of the top places we want to visit. I am always so grateful that I have the chance to explore the world; even if it is a little at a time. We love the chance to see and be a part of something so amazing as Earth.

I hope your weekend is fantastic! Keep on dreaming and planning to reach any goals you have set your mind to do.

Where are a few places you want to go?

How do you decide where to vacation or travel to? 


Rafaela S

One thought on “Friday Favorites. Five places I really want to visit within my lifetime.

  1. Jody S. says:

    I want to finish seeing all 50 states. I still need Arkansas, Nebraska, Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii. Of those, I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t get to Alaska and Hawaii (though I would really like to get to Alaska), but I do want to get to all lower 48. Especially Vermont. That’s where I really want to go most.


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