Here I am…. The reasons I started this blog and why it’s been a struggle so far.

Hello! So I am writing this blog post today because I am tired of not posting. I love sharing our traveling adventures and hopefully giving someone a helping hand, but the struggle to post and capture our everyday life is hard. With that being said, I am ready to commit to write out posts that capture more lifestyle aspects of our lives and not just wait until we have taken an epic trip or done a crazy adventure. IMG_5090

The reasons I started this blog include:

  1. Chronicling our life as it happens. I want to remember as much as possible as our lives unfold. I can try to remember every detail from our travels but eventually I will forget somethings and this will be almost like a diary that I can look back on…
  2. Give out details that might help other people. I am the kind of person that wants details and real life examples from relatable people, the internet has allowed us so much information on all and every subject… always tread carefully because not all information is helpful.
  3. Celebrate community. Call me crazy but I love the online community that reading and writing a blog can create. I know about people and places that I might not have been exposed to without joining the group. Along with that I realize that virtual reality versus reality can be very different and that building bonds with the people I am around is so important as well.
  4. I had the desire to share. I wanted to put into words all the adventures we have had so far. I also wanted a space to share our hopes and plans for future life adventures. Blogging helps keep me accountable and hopeful about our future travels/life and sometimes you just want to tell everyone what’s been going on without boring them to death. So if people want the scoop they can hop over and read all about it ha ha
  5.  I want to keep reliving the moments long after they are gone. Another crazy notion, but when I blog about places or events that I really enjoyed, it brings back some of that original blissful emotion that impressed it into my memory in the first place. For me the reason to travel is to make palpable memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.img_6367

Now I want to talk about the struggles I have been experiencing with my new blog.

I get so motivated and excited when I read and enjoy a new blog post or conversation with a friend, I think to myself all these wonderful profound thoughts. Just kidding… I have trouble putting things to words, and writing is not my area of strength. So instead of writing about the things that I am really thinking, I just become frustrated and don’t write at all.… bad news for me because I am the only one that can make my blog come to life.

Another frustrating thing about blogging is: you have to be very good at budgeting your time, and planning out content in advance. I have read several places “it is best to write about the things that you know and are passionate about” I am a firm believer of that idea, I want to write about things that I know, and that I am knowledgeable about. You would think this would make the words flow straight onto paper or onto a blog post, but so many times I don’t make the time to sit down and type or I feel like my content isn’t good enough to share. I know that I need to budget time to my blog and even plan out a few topics or items I want to write about. If I am truly committed and willing to put in the work, I know that I can keep posting and blogging all our adventures and be good at it.

I want this blog to be helpful; and inspirational to other people who might need a helping hand in this crazy-complicated world. I am always so excited when I can share a small bit of my world with other people and I look forward to launching my blog with better content and more post about everyday events. Here’s to a new resolution!

Have a bless day,

Rafaela S

P.S If you have any advice for how to better manage the time for blogging and working full-time, I would love to hear it 🙂



4 thoughts on “Here I am…. The reasons I started this blog and why it’s been a struggle so far.

  1. Jody S. says:

    I’m not the greatest one at blogging (not a big “success”), but I have found that it helps to let the ordinary be your guide. Your life doesn’t have to be epic to be recorded. I try to write down ideas when they hit me; I usually have a scrap of paper handy. Or I tell Ken or one of the kids, “Remind me to. . .” or snap a picture to remind me.

    I don’t work full-time outside of the home. . . but I guarantee I’m busy with the kids 🙂 I blog when I can, and if I can’t, I don’t. Don’t feel guilt; the blog is for you–you don’t exist for the blog. Let it grow with you.

    Write small posts about small things. Those small moments add up.

    Love you!


    • Rafaela S says:

      Thank you Jodi for all your advice! I will take your words of wisdom to heart. I really want to blog about life and all the great things in it. Have a great weekend and give the kids a hug for me 🙂


    • Rafaela S says:

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 sometimes it’s frustrating when you want to blog and have so much to say but find it hard to put on paper or into a blog post. I have been just writing the way I talk and that has helped me so much, I always wondered if I was writing clearly and this way I feel better about my writing style! Good luck on your own writing adventures and Make sure to give me any advice you think I could use 🙂


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