A few ways we are getting ready for our May trip to Europe. Only 4 days away!!

Happy Tuesday! Today I am sitting down with a fresh cup of coffee and a fresh resolve to blog about our upcoming Europe trip, hopefully I fit it all into one post.

Philip and I are leaving from Columbus OH and flying to Boston airport; from there we will be flying overnight to Paris. Last time we flew international we flew with WOW air out of Iceland to Dublin last year: Dublin Ireland and how we celebrated St. Patricks day-March 2016 this time we are taking a more direct route and with a different airline.

1. All things Packing

With a different airline we are able to take more luggage, last time we could only have one carry one and no free checked bags, we are still only taking one backpack a piece. One backpack might not seem like a lot of packing room, but we really don’t want to take more luggage with us and potentially have to wait around for our extra bags. I am using packing cubes to utilize the space we have in our backpacks, I have already done a mock-pack and things fit so nicely. I ordered a “4 piece Set” of packing cubes from amazon and very quickly tried them out. I decided to use one of the smaller cubes for my shirts, all neatly folded, and my jeans and skirt in a longer cube, another cube was used for sweaters and showering flip-flops. This set also came with a laundry pouch.

I am trying to take a minimalist approach to packing for our trip, and in the long run I will be glad that I didn’t take my whole closet with us ha ha. I chose a lot of solid colored shirts that I can wear with jeans and my comfy shoes; I am packing two pair of jeans.

I am interested to see how much of my wardrobe I end up wearing, I am not a fashionista but I really just want to be comfy and cute. The struggle! I also purchased reusable water bottles that can be emptied and refilled while we are on the road, these sit nicely in the backpacks side pockets.

2. Planning our laundry needs

One of my biggest concerns for our trip and planning was laundry and how to best prepare for doing laundry in another country. I had just planned on buying detergent each place we stayed, but that seemed like an extra expense and worry, so my older sister suggested using “Soap berries” as a reusable detergent.

If you have never heard of soapberries I would recommend trying them out, they are reusable berries that have a surfactant that cleans your clothes and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. I am taking 6 berries in a muslin bag and plan on using them for laundry, I will let them dry out before I transport and use them again. Go check them out if you’re looking for a better way to do laundry.

3. Research, research, research!

I might have went a little crazy on the research, I really wanted to get the most out of our trip to Europe. Most search engines such as Pinterest, Google and even travel inspirations like Hey Nadine on YouTube are really great resources for places to go and the must see of many locations that you want to go. I really love visualizing new places and enjoying the many tips and tricks that other seasoned travelers have to offer. Now as the time for our trip grew nearer, I found that I was getting overwhelmed and more nervous about our trip, the opposite of why I researched the location. So I have been limiting my time on pinterest and instagram, I really want to create my own memories and be surprised when we explore other places. I am using these articles and pictures to plan and strategize our time. I would just say be careful not to overload your senses with other peoples “perfect pictures” you are going on your own adventure and not just trying to copy anyone else travels. Be inspired not overloaded by all the great traveling inspiration.

Thats All I have so far, I am hoping to post more about our prep when we get back.

I am so excited to be leaving in a few days and can hardly wait to see what amazing adventures await us!

Let me know if you have any last minute advice to offer!


Have a great day,

Rafaela S.

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