Wandering abroad: Our 6 city trip overview

For so many reasons it has been a struggle to start blogging about our recent trip to Europe. I don’t know how normal bloggers do it, I felt like I needed time to recover from all the wonder and beauty that was everywhere. I did manage to unpack and get our house in order but that is about it. We went in the first few weeks of May, and saw so many beautiful places and learned so much more about our traveling style. Today I just want to highlight the 6 cities we traveled to and give a brief description of our first impression. Hope you enjoy!IMG_1796

Paris France. We arrived in Paris on May 7th really early in the morning, took a train to our hotel in the 9th arrondissement. We spent 3 full days in Paris, and took in the sites such as the Louvre, Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe. We ate breakfast at our hotel each morning and then ventured out into the city, we walked 14 miles the first day!IMG_1740 Eventually we purchased a metro card and used that to explore the sites we couldn’t easily walk to, We were impressed with how easy the rail system was to navigate. My first impression of Paris was: English friendly signage, and beautiful buildings. The main reason we walked 14 miles the first day is because we strolled through the city streets soaking in all the structures and gardens. My first site of the Eiffel tower was thrilling, over the Paris rooftops. We loved the feel of the city and really loved the diversity of people we saw.IMG_2303

-Vienna Austria. We flew from Paris to Vienna, it was so nice to fly over the french countryside and we even caught a glimpse of the french alps. Vienna was a very industrious town to me, lots of buildings and plants and of course rail systems. IMG_2285We rented an apartment through Airbnb and it was half a block from the Schloss Belvedere and the lovely gardens. We went to the outdoor market Naschmarkt, it was full of fresh produce and really great restaurants. I loved the colorful displays of breads and vegetables, they even had spices and candied fruits. My favorite place we visited was a Brunch spot called Vollpension- This was a fantastic place to eat food and enjoy an eclectic atmosphere.IMG_3376 I had a great big cup of ginger lemonade that was hot and so delicious, my favorite part was the mix of people who gathered and enjoyed this restaurant. Another highlight of Vienna was the Schnapps Tour- This was a really fun way to explore some of the history of Vienna, plus the tastings at the end was a great end to the tour.

We liked Vienna but we were ready to go in to Salzburg after a few days.


The view along the river walk we took into the city center

-Salzburg Austria. The magic of history was defiantly present here, between the towering fortress overlooking the city to the sound of music locations. People are proud of the town’s history, the quaint cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings and gardens really draw in the crowds. We really enjoyed our hotel and we walked along the river so much.


The view from our hotel

We decided to not do the official sound of music tour, that highlights all the filming locations used in The Sound Of Music video, and instead we chose to locate them all ourselves. We really liked going to Augustinerbräu bier garden/hallthis place was perfect to sit and enjoy a 1/2 pint/full pint of beer and they have so many vendor food options to choose from. We spent at least 2 meals here and really enjoyed the house brewed beer! This is a must see!!IMG_2886

Innsbruck Austria. We stopped over one night in Innsbruck and we really loved exploring the town center, and along the river the buildings are so colorful and ornate. The highlight was definitely riding the lift all the way to the top of the mountain on the Nordkette Cable Car.IMG_2895 The scenery from the top of the mountain was breathtaking, and we really enjoyed seeing the town from that vantage point. IMG_3024

Zurich Switzerland. We thought that this town was a very hip town, things seemed to  be more modernbut then we went into the old parts of town near the beautiful river and there are so many old buildings to look at and enjoy. We took a day tour to HEIDIDORF- a place that I have always wanted to go, in the Swiss alps and it was so picturesque.


Love this view

We purchased a Zurich Card and toured as many museums and churches as we could.  My favorite thing was eating lunch/dinner from the grocery store at the River and cooking our dinner in our Airbnb apartment.

Colmar France. We arrived in Colmar on a Saturday and stayed at an airbnb in La petite Venice ,which is a part of town that has a water channel and mimics Venice Italy. We stayed really close to the indoor market Marché Couvert  De Colmar- they had so much produce and souvenirs. We enjoyed walking all the cobblestone streets and the buildings are so ornate. We spent a lovely morning riding through the countryside, we rented them from the station at Colmar Vélo rental, we rented two bicycles for the morning for 12 euros! IMG_3184 This was our last place we visited and it was perfect for simply relaxing.IMG_3121


It has been said that this little village was the inspiration for Belle’s village in Beauty and the Beast.

So this is the briefest overview of our trip, but I just wanted to get back into blogging after not posting for a while. I look forward to breaking the trip down into smaller blog post and sharing all our adventures from France, Austria and Switzerland. Have a great rest of your week!


Rafaela S.

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    • Rafaela S says:

      I will make sure to post those soon 🙂 sometimes it was very tricky getting the right angle or finding a proper seating place to take the picture, but I think we managed really well!


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