Friday 5! Five great things we did or saw while in Paris.

Hello! I am working hard on more travel blog posts and as I finish up with my Paris recap I noticed that I didn’t use all my favorite photos from our adventures there. So I am wanting to share a few things you might see while wandering through the beautiful city of Paris!

1.Fresh produce/flower stands. IMG_2170We loved buying from fresh produce stands while in Paris, fruits and vegetables that gave the streets so much charm and color. We enjoyed the freshness most when we planned our picnic at the Eiffel tower. The fresh flowers gave the people passing by something cheerful to look at and I saw many people on the metro with a bouquet in hand.

2. Unique and beautiful shrub/trees. 

3. Pastry shops! There was nothing like fresh made pastries and bread in Paris, we made sure to sample lots of the different sweets and just look at how beautiful they were displayed. A good latte and espresso really paired well with all of the sweets.IMG_2161IMG_2158IMG_2163IMG_1731IMG_1732IMG_2184


4. Faces!! While your walking always remember to look up.IMG_1869IMG_1689IMG_2225IMG_1822IMG_1837

5. Passageway shops-The shops are located in the ground floor of buildings that run the entire city block or they act as passageways between buildings and are filled with great shops and places to eat. IMG_1684

These are just a few of the great things you can see in Paris, and there is so much beauty and charm within this city.  I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse of Paris and hearing about our adventures there. Until the next time happy travels!

Rafaela S.

A few bonus pictures that I just have to share. Enjoy!IMG_2068IMG_1691IMG_1988IMG_2195

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