Cheers to 2017!!

Happy last day of 2017! This year has been a great year for us, both personally and travel-wise. I just wanted to do a fast recap post and touch on a few of the posts that best capture our “normal people” travels and accomplishments. IMG_3783

  1. We took a long-planned for trip to France,Austria and Switzerland.Wandering abroad: Our 6 city trip overview We had a great time exploring and enjoying all that these countries had to offer, also we learned just how wonderful it can be to learn about other cultures. IMG_2180
  2. My favorite city to visit was Salzburg Austria, I am working on getting that blog post out! I am a firm believer in bringing the magic with you (you can be happy or grouchy wherever you are, you make the choice) and I was full of excitement to be in the city where the sound of music was filmed. Beer gardens are defiantly something we tried and enjoyed.IMG_2461
  3. A summer spent apart! Philip spent the summer (2 1/2 months) in Wyoming and since he had one more semester to complete I stayed in Ohio and held the fort down. I am not going to pretend like it wasn’t hard but it did leave a lot of room for personal growth and a deep appreciation for each others company and support. He did get to visit around the 4th of July and I flew out to drive back with him at the end of August. IMG_3837I did fall in love with Wyoming’s blue skies and ever-changing landscape. Summer adventure 2017 Medicine bow Peak Wyoming
  4. Last but not least, GRADUATION!!! Processed with VSCO with f2 presetPhilip graduated and I am so proud of him and all the hard work he put into his studies.

I am excited to see all the great things that 2018 has for us, and many blessings for you and yours. We also welcomed many new little nieces and nephews into our family this year as well, they make life more fun.IMG_1258

Happy new year everyone!



Rafaela S

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