The City That Stole My Wandering Heart: Salzburg Austria

Hello! It is time to blog about my favorite City from our May adventure abroad,

Salzburg Austria.

Not only was this the city that the iconic movie “Sound of music” was filmed in, it also boasts of a fortress and countless picturesque streets and so much traditional austrian pride. I hope that you can imagine yourself there or maybe it will be time to plan your own adventure!


The view from our Salzburg Hotel

From almost every angle you could see the snow-capped mountains or a towering fortress, and a walk along the river Salzach will give you the most breathtaking views of colorful buildings. IMG_2467IMG_2461  Where we stayed: Hotel Haunsperger hof Gesellschaft. Our hotel was close to the train station and the view from our room was breathtaking at all times of the day. IMG_3446The breakfast was filling and convenient and we were within easy walking distance to the old town area and Mirabell Palace


the fountain at Mirabell palace 

 IMG_2512We loved having so much access to the river walkway and even spent an evening enjoying the sunset and a Gösser beer. IMG_2469

The fortress was a big focal point in Salzburg, we chose to take a scenic route up to the fortress and walked along the upper terraces.


A good picture of the upper layer we hiked on

To reach the upper level, we took the Mönchsberk lift and that allowed us to take in views of the city and all the points of interest along the way.IMG_2526IMG_2547

It was amazing to see the city from this vantage point and as the pictures i am about to post will tell you I was loving all the stunning views and charm of Salzburg.

It was a little early for a beer but this hostal/beer garden was so quant. IMG_2549We made our way closer to the main fortress and got a better idea of how fortified this area once was against attack. IMG_2566IMG_2559I could have spent all day in this area. IMG_2554IMG_2555IMG_2561Now its time to visit the main fortress, we climbed up to the top via the steep walkway and rode the gondola down. It was a hike! IMG_2581

The fortress was like a city of its own, we purchased tickets to tour the museum portion and that (thankfully) included the ride back down. IMG_2586IMG_2593IMG_2618IMG_2615IMG_2605IMG_2602IMG_2601


this is my kind of view!

We enjoyed exploring the fortress and learning so much history about Salzburg. IMG_2600


the best picture I took of the lift to the fortress

I took so many pictures while in Salzburg and I loved the feeling of magic in the air, trust me when you hear the bells chiming and see a towering fortress you would be hooked too.IMG_2473IMG_2486IMG_2487 I don’t want this post to be too long today so I will hopefully post another post or two about the places we visited from “The Sound of Music” and some of the good food we  enjoyed while in Salzburg, I am very excited to share more soon!

until the next post,


Rafaela S

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