Alive with the sound of music:The movies locations we visited in Salzburg Austria

Hello! I hope you enjoyed my first post about our time in Salzburg Austria, this was by far my favorite city and I would visit again in a heartbeat.

One of the local attractions in Salzburg is the Sound Of Music filming locations and there is a tour you can take that shows you each one. We spotted several while walking around and hiked out to others, so if you really want to see all the spots and enjoy a complete tour of the filming locations you should take the tour. We opted out of the tour for ourselves but here are the locations that we visited. There was definatly magic in the air all around Salzburg for me and I am so happy we made it a stop along our trip!

The Mirabell palace and grounds:


The fountain they danced around during do-re-mi


The trellis tunnel they ran through also during do-re-mi


at one of the entrances to the Mirabell palace


a glimpse of the water from the other palace fountain with the fortress in the background


the statue that all the children patted during do-re-mi


The steps where they harmonized and danced and finally ended the song. I am a huge fan of Julie Andrews!

Next we walked all the way out to the Lake house where the water scene took place Schloss Leopoldskron

During our tour of schloss hellbrun and the trick  fountains, we discovered the gazebo from “sixteen going on seventeen” and we had the whole place to ourself.

another location was the horse Bath fountain- a form of a “car wash” for horses and in the movie they danced around it and was a location filmed during “my favorite things”


St Peters cemetery– The scene where they hid from the nazis, it was a very ornate cemetery.

Nonnberg Convent Abbey: unfortunately the abbey was closed to visitors at the time we went there but we did get to at least see the chapel but I didn’t take any pictures of the interior.

We also visited Maria’s plains which are not the real location of the opening scene but are very close to the city and you get a feel for what it could feel like to dance around. We hiked from the bus stop and saw a few farms with quaint decor and visited the church at the top of the hill: basilica Maria Plain.IMG_3540IMG_2852IMG_2825IMG_3530IMG_3529IMG_2698we did get caught in the rain while hiking  but it was a fairly gentle rain and we made it to the bus stop without melting (haha) I love traveling off the beaten path and exploring the outer areas of the city we are visiting. IMG_2818

These are all the sites we visited that had anything to do with sound of music. I did fall in love with Salzburg and its charms and hope to go and visit again someday.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip to Salzburg and all the great sights we visited. If you are planning a trip to the area I highly suggest Salzburg Austria!!

until the next post cheers!

Rafaela S.



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