Wandering abroad: Vienna Austria

Today I wanted to share about our adventures in Vienna Austria.


The view from the Schloss Belvedere garden looking towards the city

We flew from Paris to Vienna with Vueling airlines. The trip was easy and fast. We found it fairly easy to use the rail system going from the airport to all over the city. The commute was fairly smooth once we arrived. We did get onto a train headed in the wrong direction at one of the connecting stations but with some work on our parts studying the train maps, It didn’t take much time for us to get headed in the right direction. 

Our Airbnb was located right next to Schloss Belvedere, which is a palace with very ornate grounds. This was the perfect location for us to walk to a lot of the attractions that we wanted to see.


The view from our balcony, you can see the garden wall of Schloss belvedere.

 I really like the special touches the hostess added, these little towels greeted us in the bathroom, the whole apartment was so clean and conveniently stocked. IMG_3347

Our Airborne hostess also left us the sweetest note, recommending a dinner place and a coffee spot, this was the nicest touch from our host. Sperl for dinner and Vollpension for coffee.

Sperl– Karolinengasse 13, 1040 Wien, Austria.IMG_3354This was our first taste of real Austrian style food, and it was delicious! IMG_3351


apple strudel with ice-cream!

the atmosphere was so relaxed and we felt like the pricing was just right for our food budget. We had really wanted to have at least one traditional Austrian meal, and this restaurant really set the bar high.

Vollpension – Schleifmühlgasse 16, 1040 Wien, AustriaIMG_2287IMG_2286I was thrilled with this restaurant/ coffee house and how welcomed we felt in Vienna.The ideals of this place are : bridging the gap between the older generation and the younger generation, opening communication over food and drinks.

We ordered brunch and sat inside on very comfortable chairs, music played in the background and the humming chatter around us was so perfect for relaxing and enjoying our meal.IMG_3364

My throat was a little sore from all our traveling so I ordered a huge mug of hot ginger lemonade with a hint of honey, I felt like it was a cure-all and so tasted so good. We did laugh a little when Philip ordered his breakfast and it came with a mini beer, so beer for brunch is a thing apparently.IMG_3376

If you are in Vienna and want a great place to hang out and get some great food Vollpension is a must. As you can see I loved all the decor and views of the street outside.IMG_3366

Next we walked through the naschmarket- this was a large outdoor market with so many vendors and restaurants, we didn’t purchase anything but really enjoyed browsing and getting a good idea of what it might be like to shop there. We did grab some items from the local Aldi store, we wanted to cook as many meals at the Airbnb as possible and aldis helped us do that. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying dinner on the balcony, laundry (in a washer/dryer combo machine) and just relaxing at the Apartment.IMG_3358

The next day we walked around exploring the Belvedere palace grounds and the surrounding areas.

It was so nice walking through the gardens and walkways and maybe imagining the luxury of the people who had built and inhabited the palace.

After strolling the ground of belvedere palace, we walked further into Vienna and tried out 1516 brewery. This was a spot I had read about as being a great place for preservative and additive free beer, the way beer used to be.

I was happy to say that it was very good. We ate lunch there and then strolled around the church district, there are so many churches and parks to walk through and enjoy.IMG_2384IMG_2399IMG_2389IMG_2378

This is the style of vacation travel we really wanted, a nice leisurely time but with lots of exploring.

I highly suggest packing your walking shoes and just exploring, there are so many churches and beautiful parks.

Before heading to our next city we did take a very interesting tour-

The schnapps musuem  Only EUR 7.00 per person

This tour was very informative about the origins and development of the schnapps liquor over time, we went on a guided english tour and had a sample tasting at the end.IMG_3416

we really enjoyed the history and novelty of this musuem and the tasting at the end was the perfect ending to our tour. IMG_3418IMG_3426IMG_3427

If you are in Vienna and like schnapps this is a great tour and for a great price.

If I had to pick my favorite part of Vienna I would have to say: All of the gardens and churches, everywhere we went the landscape and majestic architecture allowed us to really relax and enjoy the Beautiful city of Vienna.

fullsizeoutput_2614Next we hopped on a train and headed to Salzburg. We would love to come back and explore this city again and if you get the chance to visit we highly recommend it.

Thank you for reading and following alone- it has been awhile since we traveled to Austria but it is exciting to finally share the amazing places we have been fortunate enough to visit. Please leave a comment if you have ever been to Vienna or have any questions about our visit. Have a great day and see you back in the next post!

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