Meet Rafaela…

Hello! My name is Rafaela, I guess I already introduced myself on my home page, so maybe I can tell you a few things about myself and my life . 

I am the the middle child of seven, I grew up for the most part on a farm in Indiana. I really love horses and showed my horse Jade in the 4-H competitions and surrounding horse shows. Reading is more than a hobby for me, I have had so many adventures without ever leaving my house.

My name is special to me since I’m named after my Grandmother, she was an amazing person that had a contagious laugh and warm twinkly eyes. I miss her a lot, but I am proud to have her name and yes I really love to laugh as well.

This is my way of sharing useful travel related information and my space to share our travel+ experience, I am still working on my writing style and how I format my blog post but I am learning every day and really enjoying creating a story that shows our life.

I hope you can enjoy reading my posts and always feel free to leave a comment or question in the comment box. I enjoy hearing from other people and getting feedback too.